Hey there!

I'm Jessica.

I have always been an old soul with a passion for preserving memories; taking photos of everyone and everything and collecting keepsakes from adventures.


I. Love. Memories.


People have always told me that I take the best photos. Weddings, birthdays, Sunday adventures... I relied on a good ol' digital camera and of course, my cell phone. So, how and why did I turn that passion into a profession? It all began when I received my first professional camera for my birthday, some time ago. I held that camera in my hand and instantly fell in love with the endless possibilities it would provide me to take my creativity to the next level. It was then that I realized I could and should be sharing my passion and talent with the world.

So, I jumped in head first and I'm so glad I did! Photography has brought me so many places and introduced me to so many amazing people that otherwise I would've never encountered. Capturing moments and collecting memories has always been my 'thing' and being able to do so for others has been more fulfilling than I could've imagined.

Someday, all we'll have left are photos of memories made with those we love.

Many would say, I have a knack for taking candid photos that you can actually feel when you look at them. I'm also known for my charismatic personality, with an ability to make people laugh, which in turn brings out hearty, natural smiles; the best kinds of smiles! Ultimately, my goal is to provide people with memories on paper that they can cherish for years to come. And I think I'll continue to do just that!


So, let me capture your memories!

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